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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Illustrations That Didn't Get In The Book

When you write a book things don't always work out as you planned, it's no ones fault, that's just the way the business works. When I was commissioned to write What Will Happen In Eragon IV I had the great idea of asking my wife if she would be interested in doing some illustrations for it. When I approached the publisher with the idea they said have her come up with some sketches and send them to us.

Unfortunately, the way things worked out, the illustrations ended up not being used. I think it came down to the marketing people or something. However I still really like the drawings Eriana came up with and I thought you might like to see them. What I find very interesting is if you check out the new book that Paolin has put out -Eragon's Guide To Alagaesia quite a few of the drawings in it bear are quite similar in style to what my wife came up with.

Now unfortunately we don't have a scanner so all you're seeing are photographs taken of her black and white sketches, but I think they give you a good idea of their quality. The first one, (above left) is what we had thought would make a good chapter heading, while the chap off to the right there is her version of Solembaum the werecat.

This dude below us and to the right is of course the white raven who Eragon meets when he visits the Elves to begin his training as a Dragon Rider and off to the right is her image of a dragon and her rider. While you won't see these pictures in the book I figured it might be nice for you to check them out now and get some idea as to how we visualized Paolini's world.