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Monday, November 9, 2009


Look up at the top of this blog - what do you see? The cover of the book right - now looking at it can you see anyway in which anybody could mistake this for the actual fourth book in the series? Be honest, I know I'm biased and maybe there's something I'm missing that gives people the mistaken impression that Christopher Paolini wrote it - even though his name isn't listed as author.

While people actually have made that mistake, and to compound their own stupidity they have posted reviews of the book at Amazon.com giving it a poor rating based not on the book's quality, but on the fact they made a mistake. If you have read the book could you please post a review based on its content and its content. I don't really care if you don't think that highly of it, as long as you have actually read it and are prepared to judge it on its merits, not on the fact that you can't read.

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh but I don't like the fact that stupid people are dictating the worth of my writing. Right now if you happen to glance at the book you'll see that it has a rating of one out of a possible five based on that review. I've asked Amazon to remove both reviews, and so far they've only removed one - I would appreciate it if anybody out there could do something to compensate for the one that's left by posting a real review.


Richard Marcus

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