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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Its Arrived!

Its Arrived - well at least on its way! I heard from the Canadian distributor of What Will Happen In Eragon IV? yesterday and she tells me the books are now in their warehouses and are shipping out to Canadian stores now. You should be able to find it on your local store's shelves as of sometime next week.

If for some reason they aren't carrying it you can tell them to order a copy from Publisher's Group Canada - they're who are distributing it in Canada. In the US the Publisher Group West are handling the distribution so if you're local store doesn't seem to have a copy tell them to get on the horn and order a couple of dozen.

So, remember, once you've read be sure to come back here and let me know what you think, and just how far off base I may or may not be with my predictions.


  1. Dear Mr. Marcus,
    I read your book,and I found it really interesting- I can't wait to read Eragon IV.
    There are a couple of things that I found that I disagreed with:

    1. Eragon and Arya will end up together. They have to- if the book is supposed to be a happy-ending-good-wins-over-evil kind. She might look after the finally free Shruikan. Queen Islanzadí might just survive the battle.
    2. Murtagh won't die. He might just end up with Nasuada- who, I agree, will become a dragon rider. They have always had a 'thing'. The story on the whole, would seem less dark if Murtagh survived. If you look at the bigger picture to the story, beyond the war, beyond Eragon and Galbatorix, the main issue is the survival of dragon race. By killing Murtagh, and thus Thorn, this is at a disadvantage.
    3. Tenga- the person who was always in search of 'The question', Angela's teacher, might play an important role.
    4. This I felt was the most relevant point- Galbatorix has never been seen by anyone alive, apart from Murtagh, who works for him. Who is he? Eragon might have even met him. He might even be someone trusted.

    I am most probably wrong; I didn't even look at the books while writing it, but great work!
    Good luck.

  2. HI Likla

    Thanks very much for your comment. I know people want Eragon and Arya to end up together, and you're right it would work out nice for a happy ending, and who knows maybe Paolini will give us all that, but I obviously have my doubts. You do make a valid point about Murtagh and Nasuada and them both admiring each other - to be honest I had forgotten that little dynamic while I was considering his fate - however I can't see any real believable way for him to survive.

    All that aside, nothing either of us say can be more than an educated guess and yours are just as good as mine - so don't sell yourself short. I'm glad you enjoyed the book and I hope you enjoy the fourth book soon. Alas I've no idea when it will be published either - the earliest date I had hoped would have been this June, but that's not possible now so I'm hoping that it will be September or late fall now. Most likely we're looking at November so it can catch the Christmas sales.

    Take care and thanks



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