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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Publication Date

It's finally official, What Will Happen In Eragon IV? will be available October 1st across North America. At least Amazon.com is now listing that as its availability date and the information I received from Publishers Group Canada - which earlier this week told me that the book was being shipped out to book stores even as we spoke - is sufficient evidence to suggest that October 1st is the date the book will be officially available, with perhaps some stores even having it sooner.

If you live in Kingston Ontario, you can come down to Indigo books downtown on Saturday October 14th and either bring your copy of the book with you to be singed, or pick up a copy of the book and have it signed by yours truly! Yes that's right an official book signing - wah hoo - look for more details in forthcoming posts and local Kingston media outlets. If enough people show up, we may even attempt to turn this into a discussion about the predictions in the book - of course as long as people promise to keep it civil - the last thing we want is the police to be called in to quell a riot because Christopher Paolini fans have run amuck at a local book store.

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